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LED Lighttherapy

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First Time

For this treatment, a consultation is required beforehand to discuss any health issues that may affect the suitability and effectiveness of the treatment. We assess the skin type and condition to determine which specific color and intensity of light are most appropriate. You can also discuss any questions or concerns you have about the treatment.


No special preparation is needed for LED light therapy.


The treatment lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, consisting of a short cleansing, light therapy, and followed by aftercare and skin protection.

Directly after

One of the benefits of LED light therapy is that it is a non-invasive, painless treatment with no downtime. You can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Avoid direct sun exposure after the treatment and protect the skin with SPF.


It is important to note that results from LED light therapy are not immediately visible. Multiple sessions are required for noticeable improvement. The number of sessions needed depends on the specific skin issues, as well as the skin type and condition.


Voor de meeste huidproblemen wordt aanbevolen om wekelijks of tweewekelijks sessies te ondergaan gedurende een periode van vier tot zes weken.


Na de initiële behandelingsperiode kan het worden aanbevolen om een ​​onderhoudsschema van één tot twee sessies per maand te volgen.

Blue Light

  • Reduces active acne;
  • Eliminates acne-causing bacteria;
  • Reduces inflammation;
  • Reduces redness;
  • Improves skin texture;
  • Reduces sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged oil glands)

Red Light

  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin;
  • Firms and tightens the skin;
  • Promotes blood circulation;
  • Stimulates cell renewal;
  • Reduces pigmentation;
  • Improves hydration.
NIR Licht
  • Skin-enhancing benefits;
  • Relieves redness and inflammation;
  • Promotes healing of wounds and swellings;
  • Reduces scar tissue;
  • Reduces pain, muscle tension, and cramps;
30 min.
Note: Consultation Required for the First Time.

LED light therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and painless treatment that requires no downtime and is suitable for all skin types. In the 1990s, NASA began studying the effects of LEDs on promoting wound healing in astronauts by helping cells and tissues grow. Today, it is used to treat various skin issues.

Professional high-quality LED light therapy, or Low Level Laser Therapy, works by emitting light of different wavelengths or colors that have various effects on the skin, such as reducing acne, redness, inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, scars, and rosacea.

Consult LED Lighttherapy + Treatment
LED Lighttherapy
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During a consultation, we ask questions about symptoms, medical history, and other relevant information to advise a customized skincare routine and treatment plan.

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