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Aqua Peel

What can you expect
First treatment
Unlike many other skin treatments, the Aquapeel treatment can be performed at any time, as it requires no downtime. Avoid the use of retinols, exfoliants and acids (such as glycolic acid) before undergoing this treatment.
During treatment
During an Aqua Peel treatment, a special device is used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The device contains a suction function that is moved over the face to remove dead skin cells. The pores are deeply cleansed while the skin is nourished with one of the exfoliating solutions at the same time.
Directly after
After the treatment you will have radiant and hydrated skin. You may experience a little redness, but that should go away quickly. Try not to use make-up for the rest of the day and avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible (SPF is recommended). After the treatment you can immediately resume normal activities, without having to worry about redness or irritation of the skin.
Next 4 to 6 weeks
With a treatment every 4 to 6 weeks you will notice a real difference. By exfoliating the skin every 30 to 45 days or so, new, healthy skin cells rise to the surface, revealing a brighter and glowing complexion.
The Aquapeel treatment is a popular treatment known for its effectiveness in improving the overall complexion and texture of the skin. Unlike many other treatments, the Aquapeel is not painful and can be used on almost every skin type. During the treatment, various peeling fluids are applied to the face. A special device ensures that the fluids penetrate deep into the skin. It works through a unique combination of air and vacuum technology, which allows the fluids to be delivered deep into the skin without damaging the skin. The Aquapeel has many benefits for the skin, including removing dead skin cells, moisturising & nourishing the skin and strengthening the skin barrier. In addition, it can help reduce acne and other skin problems.
Aqua Peel

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Progress images shared by customer. Individual results will vary.


“Went to the new super classy SKIN today for an aqua peel. This experience was a great treat for my face. In addition to the enthusiastic and professional information, I felt really relaxed and zen. Highly recommend a visit!!”

– Mel

“I recently had an aqua peel – Due to the change of season my skin felt very dry. Immediately after the treatment I saw a remarkable improvement. I even received compliments later in the week on how glowy my skin looked. Totally worth it – I loved it. It’s also a lot of fun with Ema!”

– Danielle W.

“Just had an aqua peel treatment with Winke and felt amazing! She was sweet, very informative and super attentive to all my skin concerns. I will definitely book with her again.”
– Eva N.

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