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Body Acne

What can you expect?
First treatment
Before the treatment, we briefly ask questions about medical conditions, medication use, allergies, as this can affect the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. You can also discuss any questions or concerns you have about the treatment.
Pre Treatment
Wear comfortable clothing, opt for breathable and loose-fitting clothing that does not put pressure on your back.
It is normal for your skin to feel red, swollen or sensitive after a back acne treatment. This is because the skin has been exposed to products designed to help reduce acne, and these products can temporarily irritate the skin.
After the treatment
It is generally recommended to moisturise the skin after treatment with a soothing cream. This can help soothe the skin and reduce any irritation. It is also advised to avoid sun exposure after chemical peels and apply SPF 50 to sun exposed areas. 
2 to 3 weeks after
It depends on the treatment you have undergone and your skin type, how soon you can schedule the next back acne treatment. It’s important to give your skin time to recover between treatments and avoid over-exposing your skin to active acne-treating products.

Our skin specialists usually recommend a break of two to three weeks between treatments, depending on the severity of the acne and how your skin reacts to the treatment.
Keep in mind that the result of a back acne treatment is not immediately visible and that it can sometimes take a few weeks to a few months before you see the maximum result. Consult with your skin specialist about the expectations and the treatment plan.
Back acne is a common skin problem that causes acne or inflammation on the back. A back acne treatment is aimed at reducing or clearing inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions and improving the skin on the body.

There are different ways to treat body acne, depending on the severity of the condition we can choose from different treatment options.
Back Acne

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“Lotte takes the time to listen to your history and to see if she can do anything for you. She was very friendly and helped me significantly! I had already tried different things myself and that didn’t help. Thanks to Lotte for my acne on my back, so highly recommended!”
– Sophie B.
“I went to Mila for back acne tips, for which she recommended a number of products. It really helped so much, I still use them and they visibly do their job. She is always very friendly and happy to visit her!”
– Dorien M.
“I have been suffering from acne on my shoulders/upper arms and back for years. After 5 treatments there is already a clear reduction in acne, much less pimples and inflammation.”

– Claire R.

Which treatment?!

Discover which treatment is most suitable for your skin concern. Our skin specialists are ready to listen to your specific needs and try to find the best solution with you. Schedule a consultation with our skin specialist today.

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