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Plason Facial

What can you expect?
First treatment
This treatment requires an initial consultation where we ask questions about any medical conditions, medication you use, and allergies, as this can affect the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. We will determine whether plason is suitable for your skin type and skin concerns. During the consultation you can also discuss any questions or concerns you have about the treatment.
The treatment has no downtime or aftercare required. You may apply make-up immediately.
Side effects
The top layer of skin remains intact, so there are no side effects or downtime. In rare cases it is possible that slight redness/reaction bumps develop, which normally disappear within a day. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.
30 min.
Advanced new treatment method: Plasma
Plasma therapy is a relatively new treatment method that uses plasma energy to restore the skin. In this treatment, plasma is produced by heating and ionizing gas in a vacuum, which helps to reduce sebum production and pore clogging. In addition, it causes increased collagen production, which helps improve the skin. The Plason Facial is an effective and safe option to reduce acne symptoms and improve overall skin. It’s a great treatment for people looking for a quick, non-invasive, painless treatment to improve their skin.
Consult + Plason Facial
Plason Facial
↳ Package of 5

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“Amazingly fast and pain-free acne treatment. After 5 treatments it has reduced my acne. Soon we will start with the remaining scars. Super happy!”
– Linda D.
“Great results achieved with a series of Plason treatments! I immediately saw a difference in a more even complexion with improved skin texture. I highly recommend this quick treatment!”
– Ellen S.
“Had a great experience last week at Skin! I went for a Plason Facial. The treatment made my skin glow, feels nourished and is beautifully even.”
– Nathalie G.

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Would you like to undergo treatment to address a specific problem? With an intensive facial treatment, your skin can be brought back into top condition and look radiant again. Together we will see which treatment is most suitable for you!

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