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Coagulation Treatment

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During an extensive consultation, your skin type and condition will be assessed, and the best electrocoagulation method determined.


To prepare for the treatment, you should avoid sun exposure and certain skin products. Ensure your skin is clean on the day of the treatment.

After te treatment

After the treatment, you can resume your normal daily activities. Avoid scratching, intensive sports, and sauna or swimming pool use for a certain period. After complete healing, a cream such as Alhydran can be used. Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for six weeks.


The results of electrocoagulation are often immediately visible. The number of treatments required varies per skin abnormality. However, we cannot guarantee the results to be achieved.

vanaf €45

abnormalities using electrical current. This treatment is ideal for removing couperose, spider naevi, dermatosis papulosa nigra, fibromas, and verruca seborrhoica.

Electrocoagulation is effective for treating chronically dilated vessels, red vascular bumps, small dark bumps, skin tags, and age warts. This precise method uses a thin needle and electricity, creating heat that effectively treats skin abnormalities.

The treatment is not entirely painless, and the sensation of warmth can vary by treatment area. Depending on your care needs, our skin specialist will discuss the most suitable method for your specific complaint.

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Progress images shared by customer. Individual results will vary.



Progress images shared by customer. Individual results will vary.
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* We apply a No Show rate as compensation for non-compliance with agreements. This applies to all appointments canceled less than 12 hours in advance. Rates are the full amount of the treatment booked.
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I had been bothered by annoying skin tags for a while and decided to try electrocoagulation at SKIN. I am so happy with the decision! The treatment was quick and much less uncomfortable than I expected.

– Linda

As someone who struggled with couperose for years, I was looking for an effective and sustainable solution. I am extremely satisfied with the results of the electrocoagulation treatments at SKIN. My skin now looks much more even, and the redness has significantly reduced.

– Mark

After several successful electrocoagulation treatments at SKIN for my dermatosis papulosa nigra, I can say that I am really impressed with the results. The treatment was manageable, and the aftercare instructions were clear and helpful. I especially appreciate the friendly and reassuring approach of the team throughout the process.

– Sarah

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrocoagulation is highly effective for treating various skin irregularities such as couperose, spider naevi, dermatosis papulosa nigra, fibromas, and verruca seborrhoica. It is a precision technique specifically aimed at treating the concerned skin abnormalities without significant damage to the surrounding tissue. The effectiveness depends on various factors, including the type and extent of the skin abnormality, but many patients see significant improvements after the treatment.

Electrocoagulation can cause some discomfort or a sensation of warmth, depending on the treatment and the area being treated. The degree of pain or discomfort varies from person to person. Most patients find the treatment tolerable.

The recovery time after an electrocoagulation treatment is relatively short. Patients can often resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment. There may be some redness or swelling, but these symptoms usually disappear quickly. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions from the skin therapist for optimal recovery.

Electrocoagulation is effective for a wide range of skin abnormalities, but it is not suitable for all types of skin problems. The suitability of electrocoagulation for a specific skin abnormality is determined during the consultation. Some skin abnormalities may respond better to other treatment methods.

After an electrocoagulation treatment, it is important to allow the skin to heal quietly and not scratch the treated areas. Avoid intensive sports for the first 24 hours and sauna or swimming pool use for 48 hours. Keep the treated area clean and follow the specific aftercare instructions from the skin therapist. Protect the skin from sunlight and use a healing cream such as Hubislab K-cream if necessary.

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